About Us


Bali Vacations Tour is a Private Tour Bali and We are private guides and professional drivers who offer personalized service in Bali for different types of travelers.  We have a friendly and experienced team who will make your holiday enjoyable.  We are ready to serve tourists to prepare for their unforgettable moment in Bali.  The services range from Bali mini tour packages, sightseeing tours, the cheapest prices for Bali Adventure, as well as other special interest arrangements.

Our tour packages will provide greater opportunities to learn about culture, art, religion, traditional life and the fantastic natural beauty of the rural side around Bali and nearby islands.

WE are supported by a kind, friendly and helpful team who will always be ready to provide the best service, from your arrival to the time of departure on this beautiful island.Enjoy a fun trip on this island and make sure you reach what is called classic tropical bliss.

Please enjoy choosing a Bali Vacation Tour and we will help you plan a wonderful time in Bali.  Make your holiday beautiful and magnificent...

Best regards and see you in Bali